As an addendum to that last post, I know there are some female gallades in the poke ask community, but they’re all manlier than Victor, so.

askthecham said: ((Don’t worry Virgil. You’ll always be #1 in my book.))

Virgil would blow you love kisses if he wasn’t so busy being bummed and grumpy.

Virgil: And I’ll have you know that your son slashed off my head crest!

Oswald: Yeah? Did he? Eheheh, good job, Victor.


No kiss on the lips because Zack’s gorgeous tongue belongs to his wife. So a head kiss for Tori. 

The resemblance of this picture to one SSK did with Takeshi and Gracidea is uncanny, maybe because similar colours and because Bisharp and Gardevoir. But anyway, rain is hard :I

But it’d be a PLATONIC KISSUYEaahh Victor would be passive-aggressively making impolite jabs at Zack as vengeance for the next several days BUT HEY THANKS Super cute and nice and I love it <3



Emergency Commissions


Hey everyone. I need to make $60 as soon as possible. I’m willing to draw whatever for whomever at this point. I’m on mobile right now but I can’t make a post full of my work.

Please check out askteamshelds, ursadoodles, and ask-snorlax

Thank you in advanced!! Any and all help is appreciated.


[ -&#160;??? is open for interactions! - ]


[ - ??? is open for interactions! - ]


"Feel free to stay or ask questions if you wish~" 


"Feel free to stay or ask questions if you wish~" 

((Hey I’m doing an ooc interest check but…))



((Who would be interested in a Pokeask Renaissance fair event sometime in November ouo; reblog this post if you are! I might be organizing something if enough peeps are interested))

someone say poke ren fair?

I don’t think I’ll have time (and a working drawing hand ;~;) for anything other than perhaps a smatter of doodles if this happens……….I guess this is how I’m attempting to participate in events these days … 


Sketch Samples: [x] [x] |Line Art Samples: [x] [x]

Flat Color Samples: [x] [x] |Shaded (Simple BG) Samples: [x] [x]

Shaded (Average BG) Samples: [x] [x] |Other Commissions: [x]

  • Simple Backgrounds are mostly a solid color with possible special effects. A basic interior with a wall and floor would also fit in here as not a lot extra needs to be drawn.
  • Average Backgrounds require some extra details to be drawn in such a general landscape or a room with more furnishings.

Again, please send an e-mail to chamcommissions[at]gmail[dot]com with the details of what you want! Do bear in mind that extremely detailed characters or content may cost a little extra, but once we get everything sorted, I will provide my PayPal e-mail so that you can send in your payment and I can get started on your commission.

I generally provide samples after sketching and again after line art have been completed so that you can be sure the commission is going as you’d like.

Link to permanent page: [x]

Alrighty folks, here’s the deal. I’m about $125 away from paying off my student loan, but after making this month’s payment I am basically out of money. It would be really amazing if I could pay that off so I would only have to worry about keeping my chinchillas fed.

All you people keep talking bout halloween got me to draw their flipp’n costumes over a month early. THANKS A LOT.